Japanese Language
Exchange Program

What is Japanese Language Exchange Program?

In a globalized world, mutual understanding and acceptance of the diversity of lifestyles and cultures of other countries is crucial. Japanese Language Exchange Program aims to provide opportunities for Japanese and overseas students to deepen their understanding of each other and to grow into internationally-minded people through intercultural experiences and international exchanges in the Japanese language.

Preparatory Training in Japan for Overseas Teachers

Preparatory training in Japan for overseas teachers (excluding Japanese nationals) participating in Japanese Exchange Program.
Teachers prepare for participation in the program by discussing ways to maximize learning effectiveness, etc., while also gaining new knowledge and skills useful to them in their roles as Japanese teachers.

Japanese Language Exchange Program

A program for students (aged 12-16) who are studying Japanese at overseas schools.
Students visit Japanese schools for exchanges and intercultural experiences in Japanese with students of the same age, deepening understanding and interest in the Japanese language and Japanese culture.

Support provided

Airfare and transport, accommodation, meals and program activities for the duration of each program.

Judging panels

Yuko Abe Professor, Akita International University
Shinichi Kato Principal, Tokyo Hosanna Japanese Language School
Yuka Kikuoka Senior Lecturer, The Japan Foundation Japanese Language InStitute,Urawa
Sawa Toda (Chair) Managing Director, Association for Japanese-Language Teaching

For Applicants

Application procedure

Due to the effect of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), we regret to inform you that we have decided to cancel the 12th Japanese Language Exchange Program.